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Kevin Coleman
Kevin Coleman Innovation Leader
World Leading Speaker - Author - Advisor at ETENS (www.etens.org)
McMurray, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES
Current World Leading Speaker - Author - Advisor at ETENS (www.etens.org)  
Past Experiences Chief Strategist - Strategic Advisor at The Technolytics Insititute  
Chief Strategist at Netscape  
Chief Strategist at Claremont Technology Group  
Principal Management Consultant at CSC  
Manager - Management Consulting Practice at Deloitte  
Education Deloitte Professional Development  
Kellogg School of Management  
Wharton Executive Education  
University of Pittsburgh  
Arthur Andersen Professional Development  
American Management Association  
Chadwick University  
U.S.A.F. Air University  
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School  
Kevin Coleman is a seasoned professional with a comprehensive background in technology, strategy and innovation. Having over twenty years of success in the field of cutting-edge technology strategies, he continues to work with innovative leaders in business, government and industry on strategic issues and opportunities of critical importance. Kevin is the recipient of a number of awards for his creativity including eight awards for innovative design including three from Design News and the Bronze (IDEA) Industrial Design Excellence Award as well as the Shingo Prize in Manufacturing Excellence for his contributions. Mr. Coleman has testified multiple times on technology issues before U.S. Congressional bodies and has worked with and briefed a congressional task force on technology issues and spoke at the United Nations as well. He served for six years as a Science and Technology Advisor to the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, a world-renowned institution known for conducting over $1 billion in advanced research. As a professional speaker and writer he has delivered thought provoking insights on the rapidly changing world of business and technology to executives, boards of directors, at corporate events, and at industrial conferences. He pioneered the E6 approach to speaking and presentations – he uses it without exception. He embeds these six elements in all of his work and all of his speeches and presentation and concludes with a 15 minute questions and answer session when speaking or a summary when writing. Most recently, TED has leveraged Kevin and had him Host/Moderate multiple discussions on key issues and opportunities.
What is keeping me up at night
What keeps me up at night is maintaining the ability to stay up-to-date with the accelerating rate of emerging technologies entry into the marketplace and the significant impact they will have.
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Past Experience
World Leading Speaker - Author - Advisor :
ETENS (www.etens.org)
Feb 2013 - Present

In 2019, I briefed over 20,000 professionals on multiple aspects of emerging technologies. Kevin Coleman is an award-winning executive scholar and visionary addressing the intersection of strategy and emerging technologies. His insights, enthusiasm and knowledge combine to energize the audience and he is one of the most influential thought leaders in business and technology. He delivers high impact, engaging keynotes that are captivating and create real value. Kevin blends deep real-world experience with compelling examples and couples his insights with a magnetic stage presence to give people a realistic view of what is to come that will help their professional careers and organizations thrive. He works with the leaders in business, government and the military increasing their organizational strategic thinking about new and emerging technologies and guides leadership teams through the strategy development process. His experience as chief strategist for two entrepreneurial companies with one, Netscape, growing at an astonishing 65,000 % in under five years and the other Claremont Technology Group, that was named BusinessWeek's 44th Fastest Growing Company, brings together all the elements for an exceptional experience at your event.

Chief Strategist - Strategic Advisor :
The Technolytics Insititute
Innovation & Development
Mar 2001 - Jan 2013

Kevin G. Coleman is a seasoned technology executive with a comprehensive background in technology. Having twenty years of success in the development and implementation of cutting-edge technology strategies, he continues to work with innovative leaders in business, government and industry on strategic issues of critical importance.Developed and delivered continuing education programs on emerging technology issues and opportunities. Topic included - cyber conflict, cyber warfare, cyber intelligence, cyber terrorism, cyber diplomacy and many more topics.

Chief Strategist :
Information Technology (IT)
Aug 1998 - Jan 2001

Mr. Coleman was the Chief Strategist at Internet icon and Innovation leader Netscape. He as a subject matter expert and adviser on strategic and innovative application of emerging technology to the strategic challenges of business, government and industry. It should be noted that Netscape grew at an astonishing 65,000% in under 5 years and did the largest merger in history at that time.

Chief Strategist :
Claremont Technology Group
Jul 1995 - Jul 1998

Helped grow the company to Business Week’s 44th fastest growing company

Principal Management Consultant :
Jun 1992 - Oct 1995

Continuously monitor emerging technologies and apply them to the issues, challenges and strategies of clients.

Manager - Management Consulting Practice :
Jun 1989 - May 1992

Work to monitor and evaluate emerging technologies and develop technology strategies for clients.

Recommendations For Kevin Coleman
Deloitte Professional Development :
Continuing Edication
Business & Technology
2003 - 2020
Kellogg School of Management :
Executive Scholar
2000 - 2003
Wharton Executive Education :
2000 - 2001
University of Pittsburgh :
1999 - 2000
Arthur Andersen Professional Development :
Six Sigma Black Belt Training
1997 - 1998
American Management Association :
Project Management
1991 - 1992
Chadwick University :
1988 - 1989
U.S.A.F. Air University :
College Credits
General Studies & Technology
1986 - 1996
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School :
1986 - 1988
Project Management Institute (PMI)
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