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J.C. Paradise, CCXP
J.C. Paradise, CCXP
President at Niagara Falls Consulting, LLC
Current President at Niagara Falls Consulting, LLC  
Past Experiences Director, Marketing & Events at PROFESSIONAL SERVICE GROUP CENTRAL NJ (Non-Profit)  
Director, Enterprise Project Management at HEALTH STRATEGIES GROUP  
Director, Product Development at Health Strategies Group  
Voice of the Customer Solutions & Market Intelligence Consultant at Self Employed  
Director, Global Strategic Research & Analysis at Avaya  
I am certified customer experience director with deep expertise in leading New Product Development and Voice of the Customer programs that apply customer experience data to deliver greater product revenues, increase sales wins and improved process productivity
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Past Experience
Director, Marketing & Events :
Professional Networking and Learning
May 2017 - Aug 2018

Led a team of 12 marketing professionals including project managers and creatives to develop all marketing messaging and social media content to rebrand the business

President :
Niagara Falls Consulting, LLC
Consulting-Marketing/Strategy/Brand Identity
Jan 2017 - Present

A practice dedicated to helping for-profit and non-profit businesses to reinvent, scale-up and improve revenues by integrating the "customer voice" into their strategic plans and customer-facing business processes.

Director, Enterprise Project Management :
Consulting-Marketing/Strategy/Brand Identity
Apr 2014 - Jan 2017

Led the planning, development and rollout of an enterprise digital product transformation initiative

Director, Product Development :
Health Strategies Group
Consulting-Marketing/Strategy/Brand Identity
May 2009 - Apr 2014

• Reduced product development cycle time 26% (35 to 26 weeks) by defining and implementing a Market Driven Product Definition & Development process

• Created and launched 16 new services and increased total portfolio revenues 117% ($9M/yr.)

Voice of the Customer Solutions & Market Intelligence Consultant :
Self Employed
Jun 2008 - May 2009

Led customer experience research for a technology start-up that was used for competitive differentiation messaging and product innovation

Director, Global Strategic Research & Analysis :
Jan 2002 - Jun 2008

• Reduced over $20M in annual new product development and marketing expenses through user design and implementation of a common global solutions development process

• Developed 40+ new products and services generating over $100M in revenue

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