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Ernesto Gutiérrez
Ernesto Gutiérrez
Founder at Innovation stories
Uppsala, Uppsala, SWEDEN
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I am an expert in organization and management of innovation with a focus on decision making, strategy and multi-project activities. In 2012 I received my PhD from KTH, Royal Institute of Technology. I have also a Master in Business Administration and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering plus several years of practical experience in the organization and improvement of industrial activities.
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Innovation stories
Mar 2012 - Present

What’s a good idea? What’s a right decision? How to choose a venture? Is that a disruptive innovation? Should we be rational? If not, what should we be then?
If you’re an entrepreneur, a venture capitalist, a designer, or an innovation manager, then you have experienced those challenges.
We’ve the answer. It’s digital. It’s scientific. It’s unique. It’s fun.
It’s a comic.


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