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Brett Hoffstadt
Brett Hoffstadt
Owner & Online Product Developer, Project Management Success at Brett Hoffstadt Consulting
(Innovation & Development)
Sacramento, California, UNITED STATES
Current Owner & Online Product Developer, Project Management Success at Brett Hoffstadt Consulting  
Past Experiences Vice President at Drone Pilots Federation  
Owner & Blogger, Engineer Your Innovation at Self  
Project Manager at 3Sixty Integrated  
Author & Self-Publisher at Self  
Philadelphia Innovation Cell Lead at Boeing Defense, Space & Security  
Composer & Producer, Preludes & Reflections at Self  
Education The Pennsylvania State University  
Purdue University  
I am a Project Management Professional (PMP) with a passionate combination of creativity and analytical goal-oriented action. "Alas for those that never sing, but die with all of their music still inside of them." Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. said that. This thought motivated me to conquer my fears and release an album of original music while I was pursuing my career in aerospace engineering. Now I love to pursue and deliver innovative projects for myself and for others. What "music" is still inside of you that needs to be heard, seen, and valued by others?
What is keeping me up at night
Thinking about all of the fun, exciting, and impactful things I could do--and need to do--with the limited amount of time that I have.
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Past Experience
Vice President :
Drone Pilots Federation
Sep 2016 -

The Drone Pilots Federation is a non-profit international organization and neutral party to serve as a drone racing sanctioning body and as an educational and advocacy entity to assure the safe and responsible use of drones.

Owner & Online Product Developer, Project Management Success :
Brett Hoffstadt Consulting
Innovation & Development
Sep 2015 - Present

Seeking to effectively bring formal project management practices (strategies, tools, and knowledge) to people in innovative ways and application in order to benefit their personal lives as well as their professional careers. Please see here: http://bit.ly/1ITxXGR

Owner & Blogger, Engineer Your Innovation :
Innovation & Development
Jan 2015 -

Creating online content to help people in technical fields & professions unleash their creativity in order to succeed in the digital revolution. Please see here: http://www.engineeryourinnovation.com/

Project Manager :
3Sixty Integrated
Electronics (Industrial)
Aug 2015 -

Project Manager for enterprise security systems and subject matter expert for internal innovation & continuous improvement efforts within the company. Company website: http://www.3sixtyintegrated.com/

Author & Self-Publisher :
Oct 2014 -

Author, self-publisher, website developer, blogger, and marketer of "How To Be a Rocket Scientist: 10 Powerful Tips to Enter the Aerospace Field and Launch the Career of Your Dreams." Available on Amazon. Blog with more resources and updates here: http://howtobearocketscientist.com/

Philadelphia Innovation Cell Lead :
Boeing Defense, Space & Security
Oct 2010 - Dec 2013

While a project manager on the V-22 Osprey tiltrotor program and a Program Manager for a portfolio of R&D projects, I initiated and led the formation of a dedicated innovation space for site employees. Projects and initiatives included 3-d printing, crowdfunding platforms, "Shark Tank" style events for employees to pitch ideas to executives, lunch-n-learns, invention harvesting workshops, and more.

Composer & Producer, Preludes & Reflections :
Jun 2009 - Jun 2010

Preludes & Reflections is a collection of 11 instrumental songs written and performed primarily in a classical, easy-listening style. They range from evocative solo piano pieces like "Reflection in E Major" to requiems to uplifting pieces like "Springtime Prelude."

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The Pennsylvania State University :
Masters of Science
Aerospace Engineering
1995 - 1997
Purdue University :
Bachelor of Science
Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering
1988 - 1993
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