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Bill Van Eron
Bill Van Eron Innovation Leader
CEO - Value Creation Architect at Headwaters Marketing
(Consulting-Marketing/Strategy/Brand Identity)
Fort Collins, Colorado, UNITED STATES
Current CEO - Value Creation Architect at Headwaters Marketing  
Past Experiences Global Programs Strategist, Global Web Manager. at Agilent Technologies  
Various - Brand Manager, MarTech Manager, PR Strategist, Channel Programs, Product Launch Marketing Manager at Hewlett Packard  
Education School of Visual Arts  
New York City Community College  
I love design as the principles apply to staying on the bleeding edge, synthesizing prevailing truths, influencing people as well as being inspired, and a mix of creative possibility thinking, critical and systems thinking. These skills and commitments keep us vital, relevant and open.
As I continue to evolve, my attention shifted from extending creative thinking outside of its own status quo. I expanded it to PR, Product R&D, research, analytics, business, credibility, leadership and a lot more.
Back in the early 2000's engineers respected me and my work while never really trying to understand it. Today many of the same approaches I used to win billions, are still new and even more vital. Not being one to focus on the past, I am evolving at a pace equal to change, ahead of the main stream but spot on with what people are ready for. It is not about me as teams make everything happen. I am fortunate to be a strong catalyst. I look forward to learning about others and helping them, whether as members or clients, or initiatives as I believe creative thinkers have to step up now - finally - and make a difference.
What is keeping me up at night
The contrast between me knowing my best work is still ahead and yet the reality that some form of retirement is soon upon me. The relevance of what I learned is authentic and rare. I say that with great respect for others. My faith in HP witnessed me riding my portfolio value from $130 a share to $45 before I diversified. While I may be the one to return them to previous rankings - in theory - I have to earn income while also helping others. So my new Headwaters web site will show how I offer objectivity, creativity and expansive experience and new thinking "ON TAP" like a lightning bold of heightened awareness. I run a virtual business and now joined one here as an enabling talent network on tap. So lots of potential.
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Past Experience
CEO - Value Creation Architect :
Headwaters Marketing
Consulting-Marketing/Strategy/Brand Identity
Jan 2003 - Present

After 25 years working in a Fortune 1 company and a Fortune 50 I explored partnering with a larger agency but saw real opportunity to continue my work as a virtual consultant. Most work was by reference as I had a strong design and PR reputation. Then my programs and brand won serious regard. I had very busy profitable years and some were modest. I took an 18 month sabbatical to study the impacts of change on business and rethink what I wanted to do to elevate marketing to a higher bar, enable innovation and apply my systems thinking and creative skills to solving real problems. I also want to network with other kindred spirits as what I want to do, I can not do alone. This network and a few other thought leader connections may be just what I seek. Among my cures:
1. A better way to revitalize corporate America.
2. Stronger industry/education connections.
3. An online entrepreneur ecosystem.
4. Better way to connect the arts and industry/life and work.
5. The power of an innovation group on tap. That is what this group is part of.

Global Programs Strategist, Global Web Manager. :
Agilent Technologies
Dec 2000 - Dec 2002

When Agilent split off from HP I was recruited to lead their marketing for the semi-conductor business. Unfortunately two years later the entire industry collapsed. In my role I was the one working between R&D and marketing communications to define the value premise for our global Intelligent Test program.

Various - Brand Manager, MarTech Manager, PR Strategist, Channel Programs, Product Launch Marketing Manager :
Hewlett Packard
Jan 1978 - Dec 2000

My roots are in design think and I was able to expand them from graphics design to channel marketing, product launch, brand strategy and outrageously strategic PR. I also launched the first integrated marketing effort in HP in 1992. My work for HP was amazingly right brained and thus wildly effective but with respect to earning left brain trust among engineers. I contend if HP studied how my work over the last 8 years accounted for over $12B in sales, they would be in a stronger position today. I was always a team player so it was less about me but we as creative catalysts apply real skills that are even more critical today.

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School of Visual Arts :
None offered at that time but exceptional school
Brand, Production, Design
1966 - 1968
New York City Community College :
Went to night school while working. Took advanced classes only.
Graphic Design, Marketing
1964 - 1967
American Marketing Association (AMA)
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