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In the past several years, Innovate2Grow Experts (http://i2ge.com/) has developed and improved upon its Version 2.0 of their Quantum Idea Generation process.  They claim that the original version of this process consistently delivered 12x more ideas than brainstorming and that the new version delivers up to 20X more ideas, with most of the increase coming in the quality of the ideas.


On March 16, 2017, Richard Haasnoot, President and Head Coach of Innovate2Grow Experts and the creator of the “Proven, Practical and Profitable Innovation Best Practices Podcasts” series reviewed the four elements of a creative session that drive these powerful results.


The following are links to the recording and presentation deck from Richard Haasnoot’s webinar on “How to Greatly Increase the Quantity and Quality of your New Innovation Ideas”:


I strongly recommend that you listen to this presentation as the learnings can be applied to innovation in any area including new product and service development, business and process improvements, HR, R&D and other business operations and functions.


I also encourage you to listen to Richard Haasnoot’s great podcasts on innovation at http://i2ge.com/podcast.  They contain a wealth of insights, interviews, tips and perspectives on creating innovation.


Richard Haasnoot can be contacted by email at richard@bluesagecreative.com, by sending a Message through the Innovation Global Network, by calling him at 623-640-7199 or through Skype (Skype ID: richard.haasnoot).


Best regards,
Arthur Fox


Founder and Chief Innovation Leader

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