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Dr. Mike Jackson, CEO of Shaping Tomorrow recently did a special presentation to Innovation Global Network Members on how they can now use AI-driven horizon scanning and collaborative strategic thinking to instantly forecast the future and plan and act ahead of rivals.

The Innovation Global Network has a strategic partnership with Shaping Tomorrow (http://ign.shapingtomorrow.com) that provides all Members with access to their strategic intelligence, forecasting system and innovation tools to identify and leverage emerging opportunities & risks.  

You can view a recording of this Webinar and learn how you can now use these new powerful features including AI-driven enhanced scanning, within your own organization and with your clients/customers, to even more quickly and effectively anticipate and prepare for emerging trends, uncertainties and surprises and to innovate ahead of rivals.

 Register below and you will be sent a link to a recording of this Webinar.

Please also vote today for your fellow IGN member, Shaping Tomorrow, in the IIEX competition at http://www.iicompetition.org/idea/view/379.  Click on the link then press the VOTE button.

They need 100 more votes to win this Saturday.

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