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Shaping Tomorrow is a potentially great resource and business opportunity for all Innovation Global Network Members, especially if you represent a Corporation, governmental agency, NGO, Academic, Consultancy or other Service Provider.

On Oct. 15 at 12:00-1:00 pm EDT/5:00-6:00 pm BST/6:00-7:00 pm CEST Dr. Mike Jackson, CEO of ShapingTomorrow.com explained how both you and your organization can benefit and profit from using Shaping Tomorrow’s 80,000 + articles/insights and strategic planning/innovation tools.

You can view a free recording of this webinar any time you wish by registering below and then clicking on the link provided to you in the instructions of your confirmation email.


This webinar covers:

·         How all Network Members now have free access to Shaping Tomorrow’s strategic intelligence insights database (80,000+ articles/insights) and strategic planning/innovation tools.

·         How you can use Shaping Tomorrow within your own organization and with your clients/customers to anticipate, prepare for, innovate and act on emerging trends, uncertainties and surprises

·         How Consultants and other Service Providers can earn fees for implementing or helping initiate use of Shaping Tomorrow’s fee based features and services.


For a preview, log-in to Shaping Tomorrow (http://ign.shapingtomorrow.com/) using your Innovation Global Network User ID and Password and check out its great articles, tools and other features. 


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