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Sopheon and the Innovation Global Network is making available a recording of the webinar "SImple Things You Can Do To Increase Innovation WIthin Your Oganization" presented by Arthur Fox on July 10, 2014.

When trying to increase innovation within their organizations, leaders tend to focus on major initiatives for creating changes to their organization’s structure, processes and culture. While such initiatives are helpful toward creating sustainable innovation, there are simpler, shorter-term things you, yourself, can do to increase innovation.

This webinar will provide a framework for thinking about innovation that will stimulate your thinking in regards to what you can do, control and influence to increase your innovation contributions and the innovation contributions of those whom you work with directly and indirectly.

This webinar will cover:

  • Finding the right ideas with big business potential
  • The role of “dots” in innovation and how to make frequent and better connections between them
  • Simple things you can do to motivate innovative behavior

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