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Submit, Generate and Inquire into Opportunities & Needs - Services, Inventions, Mfg, Training, More

Submit, Generate and Inquire into Opportunities and requests for proposals; assets to sell, license or buy; and solicitations for help:

-- Support or help needed to help start, maintain, innovate or grow a business, organization or website

-- Help with business, product or service exploration, design, development, manufacturing or marketing

-- Requests for proposals or support for national, regional or local projects and initiatives

-- Technologies/patents/inventions you have or need (license or sell)

-- Leadership training, coaching or organization change management            

-- Collaboration or Partnership on businesses, projects, books, seminars, etc.

-- Businesses or assets to sell/acquire

-- Full or Part-time positions to fill or consultants/experts to add to your support network

-- Need for speakers or articles