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Innovation Provider Membership
Who is this Membership for?
  • Consultancies, Service and Technology Providers, Venture FIrms and Investors
What are the Benefits?

  • Full Membership fee refund in Advertising Credits plus receive additional Credits for submitting content and making other contributions to the success of the Network
  • Get a free Innovation Leader Membership for yourself enabling you to generate and inquire into Opportunities and support/training needs

  • Eligible to be featured free on all Network pages (with links to your Profile) based on level of contribution to the Network
  • Engage..and stay top of mind with past, current and high potential new contacts focused on:

» Innovation management, change management and leadership processes

» Innovation, brand and communications strategy consulting

» Design, development, commercialization and marketing of new products, services, packaging or processes

» Brainstorming, creativity and other idea generation processes

» Consumer insights and product concept development using qualitative, observational, ethnographic and other research techniques

» Technology, new business development and open innovation processes

  • Display your Logo, Ads, Announcements and Services/Offerings

  • Display your webinars, workshops and other events and register Network Members into them 
  • Create your own branded Innovation Provider Communities and Private Communities which can act as a hub or portal for Professionals and Entrepreneurs to access your services, blogs, websites, content and other resources


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