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This Event has been rescheduled to March 26.

You are invited to participate in a potentially very useful and valuable free Innovation Leaders Online Networking Event.

Thursday, March 26 at 12-1:30 pm EDT/4:00-5:30 pm GMT/5:00-6:30 pm CET 9:30-11:00 pm IST.



We are pleased to welcome back Mike Jackson, CEO of Shaping Tomorrow to show us the latest version of their multi-award winning, forward intelligence system.


This will be another enervating update on the progress Shaping Tomorrow is making to take the drudgery and high cost out of strategic foresight.


Mike will demonstrate Shaping Tomorrow's new and revolutionary system to produce full strategic foresight research reports on any future topic in the time it takes to get and drink a cup of coffee.


Mike is the joint founder of Shaping Tomorrow: the world's first digital strategic foresight consultancy. 



Before the presentation all participants will have an opportunity to introduce themselves.  Following the presentation, there will be an opportunity for Q&A and discussion with the presenter.



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Mar 26, 2020 12:00 PM ET -
Mar 26, 2020 01:30 PM ET  
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Submitted By: Arthur Fox(Founder and Chief Innovation Leader at Innovation Global Network) Mar 18th, 2020 ET
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