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Innovation and Disruption in Logistics and Supply Chain

Presented by David Simpson – Principal at Morristown Three


From the food on your table to the chemicals in your swimming pool to your child’s pajamas, everything we consume (and dispose of) is dependent on logistics and the supply chain. And, it’s been that way since commerce began. Industry-wide, however, investment in technology has traditionally ranked very low.

The “Amazon Effect” is a significant driver of change. Consumers - and thus the companies that service them with their goods - expect a frictionless experience; ordering, tracking and receiving their purchases. New entrants leveraging emerging technologies - blockchain, IoT, big data, machine learning and AI - are innovating and disrupting the traditional landscape. 

This presentation offers a snapshot of some of the emerging trends, thought leaders and game-changers in the space.


David Simpson Background


David Simpson is Principal and Co-Founder of MorristownThree, a consultancy serving the leadership of early and growth stage technology companies with coordinated strategies and implementation plans to meet aggressive business targets. Their services include go-to-market strategy, strategic business development & sales, strategic account management, marketing communications, contract negotiation, project & change management, product & market development and cross-functional team leadership.


David brings extensive business-to-business experience working with C-suite partners and clients, navigating a wide spectrum of domestic and global business cultures. He has championed digital innovation for Fortune 100 companies (Verizon) and has helped start-ups (Audible.com) gain much needed traction in the marketplace. His industry expertise spans telecommunications, digital media & entertainment, business process outsourcing, online marketing & advertising, voice services, social media, public safety/homeland security, automotive/telematic, mobile & wireless, logistics & supply chain.


“Fix the Planet Campaign”


Julia Doria, Commercial Officer and Co-Founder at Innovation360



Do you have an idea for solving climate change? Innovation360 and Innovation Global Network are hosting a global idea campaign to collect ideas for solving our biggest challenges with imagination and innovation. No idea is too big or small!


Julia will introduce the origin and critical significance of the Fix the Planet campaign. This session covers both technology’s role in climate change and how individuals can make a difference through collaboration on world-changing ideas.


You can learn more and submit your ideas by going to www.fix-the-planet.com.


Julia Doria Background


Julia is a sales leader who specializes in innovation management, business development and SaaS. She has applied her degree in Psychology, scientific pre-med training and research at Harvard University to develop a unique understanding of motivation and excellence. Despite challenges ahead, she is optimistic about the future and the role that technology can play in managing innovation and solving wide-scale problems



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May 16, 2019 12:00 PM ET -
May 16, 2019 01:30 PM ET  
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