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Thurs, Feb 28, 12:00-1:30 pm EST (5:00-6:30 pm GMT/6-7:30 pm CET/10:30 pm -12:00 am IST)


Introduce yourself online to the other Innovation Leaders and participate in presentations and discussions on: 


“The Pain Points for Innovation Within Organizations”.


The presenters will be discussing what they have been hearing recently from organization innovation leaders as to what frustrations and challenges they are experiencing in trying to encourage and create innovation in their organizations. 


The presenters will be:

  • Sara Husk, Chief Solutions Officer at Imaginatik by Planbox is passionate about helping corporate innovators reach their full, creative potential.  Sara has over a decade of working with corporate innovation practitioners in financial services, manufacturing, energy and airline companies.  Sara has deep expertise with on-line crowdsourcing, facilitating live, breakthrough ideation sessions and structuring journeys for innovation programs.  Sara received her MBA from Southern Nazarene University and Six Sigma Certification from University of Michigan School of Engineering.  These business disciplines combined with creativity give Sara a balanced perspective of innovation to drive business outcomes.

  • Alicia Evangelista is the Director of Innovation Services for yet2, a technology scouting and Open Innovation consulting firm serving Fortune 500 companies and the US Government.  In her current role, Alicia is responsible for working closely with innovation teams in the chemicals, CPG, biosciences, materials, oil & gas, aerospace and automotive industries to find strategic partners and evaluate new technologies.  Through the course of her work at yet2, Alicia has interviewed thousands of startups and facilitated deals ranging from technologies for Mars exploration to 3D printing for packaging

  • Sharon McCollick owns a Philadelphia-based management advisory services company called Strong Point Strategy that helps companies strengthen, accelerate and scale their own efforts to advance and improve.  Sharon is a dedicated, driven, optimistic leader, with proven ability to transform businesses, train and develop teams, and implement organizational change over a 25+ year career.  She is a strategic, collaborative, operations specialist, who helps companies design, plan and execute global transformations using an intuitive, empathetic, approachable style that builds rapport at all levels of an organization.

Following each presentation, there will be an opportunity for Q&A with the presenter and a discussion among the participants.  Please come prepared to contribute your own observations regarding the pain points organization leaders have been experiencing in trying to encourage innovation.



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Feb 28, 2019 12:00 PM ET -
Feb 28, 2019 01:30 PM ET  
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Submitted By: Arthur Fox(Founder and Chief Innovation Leader at Innovation Global Network) Feb 07th, 2019 ET
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