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Thurs, March 29, 12:00-1:30 pm EDT (5:00-6:30 pm BST/6-7:30 pm CEST/ 9:30 pm -11:00 am IST)


In addition, there will be presentations and discussions on overcoming the challenges of implementing crowdsourcing and on how you can use storytelling to more successfully sell your new product and other innovative ideas within an organization or to investors.


  • Genichi Kakefuda, formerly Global Innovation Lead at Syngenta, will be presenting on “Crowdsourcing is not plug-and-play - recognizing and overcoming pitfalls to harness the power of the crowd”.

    Crowdsourcing is a powerful tool for firms, startups, and services.  It can provide access to diverse skills and experiences at scale.  New and complementary capabilities can be economically resourced.  A number of different crowdsourcing platforms are available for different types of needs.

    So why is crowdsourcing not a core capability across many firms and organizations?

    Like many approaches, crowdsourcing is not a plug-and-play capability.  There are many ways that a crowdsourcing project, or an internal crowdsourcing program, can fail.  Recognizing and addressing these failure points can lead to successfully harnessing the tremendous power of the crowd.

    The power, the pitfalls, and how organizations can excel in crowdsourcing will be discussed.
  • Karen Dietz, Founder of Just Story Itwill be presenting on “Storytelling for Influence”.

    Effective storytelling is the secret to unlocking your impact, increasing your influence and selling your new product and other innovative ideas within an organization or to investors.  Grab your personal experiences, weave them into a compelling journey, emotionally connect with people to keep their attention, and inspire them to action. Without it, you will have a tougher time connecting with audiences, leaving alignment, money, and opportunity on the table. Learn:
    • The difference between transformational and transactional storytelling
    • The 3 essential mindsets that will bring you storytelling success
    • How to get started crafting and telling your stories
    • How to use storytelling to get people and investors to buy into your innovative, out-of-the-box ideas

      Join business storytelling bestselling author, speaker, and coach Karen Dietz in this interactive session.  Wiley published her Business Storytelling for Dummies and she opened the 2013 TEDx Conference San Diego. She coaches businesses and leaders in transformational and data storytelling so they’ll never ever be boring. Clients include Fortune 1000 companies, rising stars, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs.

Following each presentation, there will be an opportunity for Q&A with the presenter and a discussion among the participants.

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Mar 29, 2018 12:00 PM ET -
Mar 29, 2018 01:30 PM ET  
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Submitted By: Arthur Fox(Founder and Chief Innovation Leader at Innovation Global Network) Mar 08th, 2018 ET
Comments (3)
Posted by: Iurii Dron  on Mar 29th, 2018

Looking forward

Posted by: Bill Van Eron (CEO - Value Creation Architect at Headwaters Marketing& Innovation) on Mar 25th, 2018
Innovation Leader

Hi Arthur, Sounds like two energizing presentations for those of us that believe the end game is greater business humanity and welcoming outside-in thinking. Look forward to hearing both presenters. Thanks, Bill.

Posted by: Lolita Walker (Director, New Product Innovation & Change Management at Coty, Incorporated) on Mar 14th, 2018

Looking forward

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