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You are invited to introduce yourself at the next great free Innovation Leaders Online Networking Event (and participate in 2 great presentations and discussions)


Wednesday, Nov 29, 12:00-1:30 pm EST (5:00-6:30 pm GMT/6-7:30 pm CET/

10:30 pm -12:00 am IST)



Each participant will get a chance to introduce him/herself to other Innovation Leaders, ask for help if needed, and be able to direct questions and comments to the group or individual participants.


In addition, there will be 2 presentations and discussion on some cool, new ways and tools to create innovation within organizations. 


  • Roman Rittman, Head of Demand at Hackerbay, will be presenting on “Unleash the Hacker but rethink the Innovation foundation”.

    Hackerbay (https://hackerbay.com/) believes that embedding Hacker Culture into organizations is the key for overcoming limitations for new innovations. It’s the environment for Co-Creation of Software & Human creating solution with impact. This presentation is about the vision and values Hacker have and what benefits they always did and always will deliver, but only if you understand the needs for the right environment.

    Hackerbay drives Innovation using the new age of cloud technology to provide unique & abstract solutions that has an impact.

  • Lynn Wood, Founder and Chief Idea Spy, Idea Spies, will be presenting on “A simple idea capture tool to encourage ideas from staff”.

    A newly developed platform called IdeaSpies Private will be demonstrated.  It’s a private label version of the public IdeaSpies platform https://www.ideaspies.com/ that offers a simple, fun way to encourage and rate ideas from staff to improve the way they work.

    Staff at all levels is encouraged to register using their organization email address to see ideas, rate them and comment on them as well as add their own. The organization selects the best ideas based on the support shown for them, rewards staff and implements the selected ideas.  It’s currently being trialed by a division of KPMG with strong leaders who believe in supporting innovation. Feedback based on the first month is very positive.

    You’re welcome to register on the public IdeaSpies platform before the presentation so you can see how it works. https://www.ideaspies.com/registration-form/ .

Following each presentation there will be an opportunity for Q&A with the presenter and a discussion among the participants.

If you currently are an Innovation Leader Member of the Network, register below now to participate in this free online Event.


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Nov 29, 2017 12:00 PM ET -
Nov 29, 2017 01:30 PM ET  
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Submitted By: Arthur Fox(Founder and Chief Innovation Leader at Innovation Global Network) Nov 09th, 2017 ET
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