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NJ Tech Weekly article on the Innovation Global Network
Aug 14th, 2017

NJ Tech Weekly has just published an interview with Arthur Fox, Founder and Chief Innovation Leader of the Innovation Global Network.  The title of the article is "10 Questions for Arthur Fox, CEO of Mount Freedom-Based Innovation Global Network".  Click on the URL below to view the article.



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Comments (3)
Posted by: JC Paradise  (Voice Of The Customer New Product Innovation  at Niagara Falls Consulting ) on Aug 14th, 2017

Great article.  Really helps promote the brand.  Many of us have been askled "What can we do to be more innovative?" Having this forum to ask questions and participate in discussions is far better than educating ourselves by wandering through the web looking for ideas.   
Posted by: Dave Modeste  (Energy Engineer  at Transition ) on Aug 14th, 2017

Good publicity for open source innovation resources.   Amazing that there is still as much of an opportunity for such a community to e developed and grow.   I am glad there are folks like Mr Fox that take the time to do the work required to get this off the ground.   I look forward to participating, sharing and learning from this network.
Arthur Fox replied to Dave Modeste  on Aug 25th, 2017

As you say, there is a great opportunity to create a Community of smart, passionate people to create innovation and opportunities.
Posted by: Sait Mentes Birlik  (MBA Innovation Management  at Philip Morris International ) on Aug 14th, 2017

 Great Article. All over the World people who are dealing with innovation related subject need a platform where they can discuss, learn and develop. Innovation Global Network will be a very efficient and succesful platform for these puurposes.
Arthur Fox replied to Sait Mentes Birlik  on Aug 25th, 2017

Sait, we are in alignment around the goals of the Innovation Global Network and I look forward to your participation.
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