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More New Improvement to Shaping Tomorrow - Feb. 2, 2017
Feb 08th, 2017

The Innovation Global Network has a strategic partnership with Shaping Tomorrow that provides all Members with access to their strategic intelligence, forecasting system and innovation tools at (http://ign.shapingtomorrow.com) to identify and leverage emerging opportunities & risks.


Shaping Tomorrow has just announced a large number of improvements to their system that  make it even easier to gain insights into future industry trends and incorporate them into your innovation and strategic planning.  You can review the improvements by going to https://ign.shapingtomorrow.com/webtext/806


All Innovation Global Network Members are welcome to register and try out Shaping Tomorrow at http://ign.shapingtomorrow.com.

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Posted by: Andrew Schettino  (President, TSBG (The Sentient Beings Group)  at Self ) on Feb 08th, 2017

 Sounds awesome Author!

Arthur Fox replied to Andrew Schettino  on Feb 08th, 2017

It is a pretty awesome service.
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