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Sharon Livingston
Sharon Livingston Innovation Leader
President at The Livingston Group for Emotional Marketing
Englewood, New Jersey, UNITED STATES
Current President at The Livingston Group for Emotional Marketing  
Past Experiences President at The Livingston Group for Emotional Marketing  
Education Kennedy Western  
Master Business Coach and Coach Trainer

President of LIVE Coaching Certification
Co-Founder of ICCA - The International Coach Certification Academy

Has personally interviewed over 62,000 people from all walks of life on every topic you can imagine, with perhaps the exception of Deli Sandwiches.

Has appeared on TV and radio numerous times and published in many periodicals including CBS Radio, Ramblin With Gamblin, New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, NY Daily News, Delta Sky, Wall Street Journal, Success Magazine

Creator of Proprietary Creative Techniques for Helping Clients Attain Their Goals

Past President Qualitative Research Consultants Assn

Creator of IconiCards(R) system for understanding Personal Brand Archetypes.

Known for breakthroughs in Emotional Marketing.


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Insight Mining
Brand Archetypes
Public Speaking
Talk Show Host
Consumer Motivation
Projective Techniques
Research Moderator Training Program
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The Livingston Group for Emotional Marketing
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President :
The Livingston Group for Emotional Marketing

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