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Denise Fletcher
Denise Fletcher
Simsbury, Connecticut, UNITED STATES
Past Experiences Vice President Center of Excellence, Healthcare, Pharma, & Life Sciences Innovation at Xerox Technology  
Chief Innovation Officer Healthcare, Pharma & Life Sciences at XEROX SERVICES – COMMERCIAL HEALTHCARE, PHARMA & LIFE SCIENCES  
Vice President – Innovation at ACS, Affiliated Computer Services  
Vice President – Continuous Optimization Initiatives | Government Healthcare Solutions Group at ACS, Affiliated Computer Services  
Sr. Director, Government Healthcare NE Region at ACS, Affiliated Computer Services  
Program Director, ACS State Healthcare, LLC at ACS, State Healthcare LLC  
Vice President Business Decision Support, Healthcare, Retirement and Investment Operations at CIGNA Corporation  
Ezassi, a leader in open innovation and idea management software, in March 2017, Denise Fletcher joined the company in the newly created role of Chief Innovation Officer. Denise brings to this role an impressive record for driving innovation and acting as a company visionary for major brands over the past eight years
Prior to joining Ezassi, Denise spent the last eight years of her thirteen-year career at Xerox working in various innovation capacities for Xerox Technology and Services in Healthcare, Pharma & Life Sciences, where she was responsible for achieving annual revenue targets, fueling thought leadership strategies, engaging customers in innovation strategies and driving innovation through a robust R&D pipeline.
Throughout her career, Denise has been recognized for her contributions to business and innovation. In 2012, she was named one of the most powerful and influential women in Connecticut by the National Diversity Award Council. Two years later, she was named one of the top 40 women in innovation by Front End of Innovation and received two corporate entrepreneur awards for “best new service” in 2014 and “best new venture” in 2015.

Denise actively serves on the HIMSS Innovation Committee and the Healthcare Delivery Advisory board at WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Denise graduated from Quinnipiac University with a BS in Accounting and obtained her PMP designation in 2005.

Her passion for, and commitment to, her work is also apparent in the fact that she has six patents pending in health and pharma and is highly sought after to speak at innovation and healthcare conferences around the globe.
As the new Chief Innovation Officer for Ezassi, Denise will be responsible for expanding the company’s innovation leadership strategic focus and spearheading all innovation consultancy services for Ezassi clients. She will also be working closely with companies in all stages of their innovation program development and execution to help ensure success. In addition, she will oversee the inception of the Ezassi Innovation Advisory Board.
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Past Experience
Vice President Center of Excellence, Healthcare, Pharma, & Life Sciences Innovation :
Xerox Technology
Health Care
Jan 2016 - Dec 2016

Brought into a newly created position to establish a center of excellence in healthcare, pharmacy, and life sciences for the technology group. Focused on innovation and commercialization of Xerox technology solutions; this included developing a go-to-market strategy for the US healthcare sales team and connecting the technology group to the services side of healthcare innovation to develop synergistic solutions for healthcare customers.
 Established a three-year strategy for the technology group to execute and advance position in healthcare, pharmacy, and life sciences; leveraged the services capabilities and innovations ready for commercialization.
 Commercialized Xerox printed memory “thin film” technology for application in healthcare and pharmacy. Developed and executed a road map to successfully unveil this at HIMSS 2016 and achieve $1 million in sales for beta year.
- Voted one of the top ten cool emerging technologies.
 Developed, with the Advisory Board, a 12-course training curriculum for the sales team to develop their working knowledge of US healthcare and policies to sell into the market.
 Completed a three-year research grant with URI School of Pharmacy on medication adherence in the senior market.

Chief Innovation Officer Healthcare, Pharma & Life Sciences :
Health Care
Apr 2011 - Jan 2016

Vice President & Chief Innovation Officer
Managed the innovation process from research through commercialization to produce a sustainable pipeline of top line growth projects, bottom line cost optimization projects, and new service development. Presented Xerox healthcare innovation to internal and external audiences through customer thought leadership, sales, and speaking events worldwide. Developed innovation branding, marketing, sales material, and training. Integrated corporate strategy into five-year innovation plan.
 Achieved innovation revenue target of $43.35M; created a five-year forward innovation pipeline from research through commercialization valued at $542.9M.
 Developed innovative solutions in crowdsourcing, smart sensing, telemedicine and medication adherence, wellness advisor, recovery services, fraud, waste, and abuse reduction, print optimization, customer care, and block chain.
 Presented 200+ external healthcare, innovation, and client facing events promoting Xerox innovation and thought leadership.
 Created a framework to commercialize solutions including research, services, sales, marketing, product branding, and patent process; this process was adopted by eight business segments in Xerox.
 Led 100+ customer-facing and dreaming sessions involving researchers to create and incubate partnerships with customers relating to innovation in the research pipeline.

Vice President – Innovation :
ACS, Affiliated Computer Services
Information Technology (IT)
Mar 2008 - Mar 2011

 Reached pipeline targets of $415M in revenue and $16M in cost savings.
 Developed a framework for customer intimacy sessions linked to supply chain analysis.
 Collaborated with development engineers to build or buy identified solutions; this resulted in implementing ten scalable projects that changed the way ACS provided services to customers and substantially increased value.
 Implemented the Customer Intimacy Program linked to satisfaction surveys, thought leadership program, innovation strategy, and ACS enterprise-wide Healthcare and Insurance Council

Vice President – Continuous Optimization Initiatives | Government Healthcare Solutions Group :
ACS, Affiliated Computer Services
May 2006 - Mar 2008

Served in two increasingly responsible roles leading a 27-person senior level consulting operation directed at cost savings, generation of add-on and consulting services focused on sales opportunities and project implementation, and analytics in enrollment broker and healthcare delivery.
 Achieved $30M in cost savings (FY08 vs. target $16M) and $16M in cost savings (FY07 vs. target $12M) by instituting companywide best practices.
 Implemented global business solutions, banking services, IVR, labor shift to offshore, mainframe to mid-range migration, strategic partnerships, call center, and IVR performance.
 Delivered add-on revenue of $46M at > 30% margins in GHS services across multiple accounts, National Provider Identification (NPI), Assessments & Remediation, Healthcare Payment Methods (PMD), and Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA).
 Developed growth pipeline for emerging products (ICD-10, HIPAA II, HL-7, and Acuity Rate Setting) that led to an estimated $25M in incremental sales.
 Reduced call center cost by ~10% and turnover by ~20% annually; this was achieved by implementing call center benchmark models that were focused on increasing self-service utilization via IVR and Web Portal and decreasing CSR talk time.
 Attained Presidents Club and received the Super Hustle Award (ACS most prestigious employee recognition award).

Sr. Director, Government Healthcare NE Region :
ACS, Affiliated Computer Services
Oct 2005 - Mar 2006

Managed accounts reporting to NE Region Vice President with project oversight in areas involving requests for proposals, program implementations, P&L performance, program dissolutions, and cost containment improvements.
 Led turnaround teams for two contracts in trouble to identify issues and improve project performance. Delivered stabilization plan and achieved service level improvements. Added $3M in new services.
 Oversaw contract dissolutions in ACS’ best interest (Iowa MMIS, Maryland Enrollment Broker (EB) and DC EB).
 Negotiated with key stakeholders and new contractor transition and internally identified asset dissolution opportunities, staff retention and stay bonus plans, and P&L impacts.
 Achieved $4M cost savings by leading internal cost containment initiatives.

Program Director, ACS State Healthcare, LLC :
ACS, State Healthcare LLC
Health Care
Mar 2003 - Oct 2005

Oversaw contract and P&L of the Care4Kids Childcare Assistance Program. Directed program staff of 150 ACS employees. Offered executive vision and project oversight to Connecticut Department of Social Services, Commissioner-level entities, advocacy and outreach groups, and all stakeholders of the childcare program.
 Reduced losses by $8.5M in a pre-existing money losing operation by re-engineering operations, negotiating contracts, and managing a tight fiscal budget.
 Reached all quarterly and monthly service level agreements from 2003 to 2005, while increasing caseload and reducing staff members.
 Attained $2.5M reduction (18%), retroactive one year, in project expenses by negotiating contract terms with client.
 Negotiated contract amendment and successfully transitioned to new vendor with a positive PTP of $910K.
 Maintained a 98% retention of staff due to effective leadership and the ability to share a common vision and goals.
 Managed development and implementation of a paperless, customized system to deliver services to 22,000 children and 8,000 providers; achieved overall client satisfaction ratings of 84% with recipients of the program and 75% of providers.

Principal :
Sep 1996 - Mar 2003

Founded and managed a consulting practice specializing in all aspects of healthcare and financial infrastructure. Provided cost efficiencies, operation and market improvements, product development, and vendor outsourcing.
 Functioned as an interim COO (appointed by board of directors) to Healthcare Company jointly owned by local universities and hospitals. Directed operations and customer service delivery to ~215K commercial and PPO members.
 Reduced PPO claim processing overhead costs by 33% and achieved a 30¢ PMPM reduction in Commercial and Medicaid business by re-engineering operations.
 Recovered >$3.0M in overpayments relating to prior TPA errors and >$1M in Medicare premiums due.
 Developed multiple outsourcing solutions for AFDC Medicaid Healthcare contract; migrated dental services to a capitated contract that reduced PMPM costs by $2.90.

Vice President Business Decision Support, Healthcare, Retirement and Investment Operations :
CIGNA Corporation
Jul 1981 - Sep 1996

Previous experience included tenure with Cigna Corporation; took on increasingly responsible roles in Healthcare, Retirement, and Investment Operations. Positions ranged from Assistant VP & Controller to Sales & Marketing Business Decision Support.

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